SADLY we have had to postpone / cancel our first seven shows booked for the New Year.   This is down to the Coronavirus Pandemic.   We are rescheduling The Godfathers and The Men They Couldn't Hang and others will follow.  Anyone who bought advance tickets for any of the shows will carry over to the new dates.  Those gigs that have been cancelled you will receive a full refund from the point of source.


THIS year has been a nightmare for live music.   We managed three shows before lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, these being The BellRays, The Godfathers and X Ray Cat Trio the night before we went into lockdown.   We had to cancel a series of shows we had planned and already for next year we have had to reschedule both The Godfathers and The Men They Couldn't Hang.  

The Westgarth Social Club has been closed since mid - March though there are plans to open its doors again in March 2021.  Everything will hugely depend on how successful the vaccine is but it's likely it will have to operate with a limited capacity so solo shows may be a possible way forward.   

WE'RE raising money to support the safe and sustainable return of live music and events to the Westgarth Social Club which has been closed since the first lockdown at the back end of March.

Check out our crowdfunder and find out how you can support the development of a live music fund, to be used by local promoters to bring live events back to the Westgarth next year.



Many thanks for your help in advance.


OUR final remaining show for this year the sixth Riverside Rebellion has sadly had to be rescheduled for Saturday, 4th December, 2021.  The good news is all the bands from this years line-up have confirmed they can make it next year which is a bonus.  All advance ticket holders can hang on to the tickets they have already bought or can have a full refund if this new date isn't suitable.  Please contact us on 07769 258035.  


LOADS of shows to announce starting in February with The Godfathers and Eight Rounds Rapid supporting them then five days later The Men They Couldn't Hang appear.   Southend duo Tuppenny Bunters and Helen McCookerybook are both confirmed for May.   

JULY 2020

NORTHERN IRELAND original punks The Outcasts from 1977 have confirmed a booking for the Westgarth on Friday, 1oth April, 2021.   Local bands The Filth and Hot Rockets from North Yorkshire provide the support.   Online tickets now for sale at £10 advance.  This will be the band's first appearance in Middlesbrough since 1982 when they supported The Adicts from Ipswich at The Cavern ex Rock Garden.  The band are survived by two original members from their original incarnation.

JUNE 2020

WE have had to postpone The Nightingales show scheduled for the August Bank Holiday weekend.  This show will be rescheduled for next year.  This is due to the ongoing uncertainty regarding the Pandemic.  More information to follow shortly.  

ONE show we can confirm for next year is our tribute to Jeffrey Lee Pierce - Ghost On The Highway to help commemorate the 25th Anniversary of his passing on Saturday, 10th April, 2021.   Confirmations have already been received from Black Bombers, Dead Hombres, The Primevals and X Ray Cat Trio.   More information will follow in due course.

MAY 2020

BOTH the Westgarth Weekender shows that were planned for September featuring The Membranes and Headsticks have sadly had to be cancelled due to the Pandemic.  This event has now been condensed into one day and will take place on Saturday, 4th September, 2021, with both The Membranes and Headsticks confirming their appearances.  Dead Objectives from Manchester and Slalom D who will provide the backline are also confirmed.  Two other bands are yet to be confirmed.  More details will follow soon.   

SADLY we have had to cancel another show planned for August.   Neither the Turbulent Hearts nor the tour support Glitter Trash can fly into the UK from Los Angeles because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  The bands had to weigh up other issues too involving health, money and personal issues.   We apologise for the inconvenience.  All advance ticket holders will be refunded at source.

THE NIGHTINGALES have rescheduled their UK Tour for the back end of August, September and October.   We now have the opening date on Sunday, 30th August.  Local bands SHRUG and The Subterranean Gentleman are the support bands.

MARCH 2020

THE WESTGARTH WEEKENDER is set to take place over two days in September on Friday 4th with The Membranes headlining and then Saturday 5th  with Headsticks who supported New Model Army on the UK tour last year headlining.  V-Transmission from Manchester, Modern Hinterland from London and Slalom D from Sunderland will support Friday's event whilst Dead Objectives & The Freshies from Manchester, Tim Loud from Leeds, Cherry & Peesh from Harlow/Ashington and Hot Rockets from Whitby will suppport Saturday's event.   Cherry B will be the compare for both days.   There will be a dual ticket available for a discounted rate anyone wishes to attend both shows for £25 advance saving a fiver on the advance price of individual days which are £15 each.  

WE have had to cancel a third show we had planned because of  the Coronavirus epidemic.   The Nightingales have had to cancel their UK Tour planned for April as their bass player lives in Germany and has to fly in for shows.  We are seeking to reschedule this show for later on in the year.

WE celebrate our 10th Anniversary of promoting live music in September and we are delighted to confirm bookings for The Membranes on Friday, 4th and Headsticks on Saturday, 5th.   This will be part of 'The Westgarth Weekender' involving ten bands taking place over two days.   More information to be released soon.

WE can confirm a show for the Turbulent Hearts from Los Angeles for August.  The band made their debut at the Westgarth last summer with an explosive show and this time they will have fellow LA musicians Glitter Trash with them .  If you like Wayne County & The Electric Chairs you might enjoy it.  South Shield-based The Fauves are also back for a second year too.  

SADLY we have had to cancel two of our May shows involving Black Bombers for our Lee Brilleaux event on the 10th and The Cravats/The Bitter Springs event on 23rd due to the Coronavirus sweeping round the world.  We won't be able to reschedule the Lee Brilleaux event as it was tied to a specific date, however we will be rescheduling The Cravats/The Bitter Springs show even if it means we have to do two separate shows.  


ALL good things must come to an end at some point and our association with the Middlesbrough-based charity 'Ageing Better' has now ceased.   Since Rebecca Hughes (the daughter of Martin Hughes the drummer from The Filth) departed for a new job last summer elsewhere, there has been a rapid deterioration in communication and impossible printing deadlines.  We were promised better communication and more notice for contributing to their quarterly magazine but sadly this hasn't materialised.   Part of the arrangement included their logo on our posters and a page on our website providing a link to their activities.  The new incumbents didn't seem to value the relationship about reaching an audience they wouldn't normally appeal too but life moves on and we would like to thank Rebecca for giving us the opportunity to write articles for some of the issues.  


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our friends & foes.   Two pieces of news to bring you.  Firstly Leeds-finest vampyre surf rockers and huge Westgarth favourites X RAY CAT TRIO return to the Westgarth on Sunday, 15th March to promote the release of their second album: 'Love, Monsters & Death'.  They will be supported by three other bands well known to us at the Westgarth:  The Continental Quilts, The Milk Lizards & The Shakin' Nightmares.   Doors will open at 5pm for this one and will finish by 10pm, therefore allowing people who are travelling from further afield to get back home at a reasonable time. 

WE are also in a position to announce the full line - up for the sixth Riverside Rebellion set to take place in December, as follows:  The Vibrators, Xslf, The Gakk, Boilermaker, The Fauves & Slalom D will be playing in the upstairs room.  Doors will open at 4pm for this one and we hope to co-ordinate with the Fringe Festival taking place downstairs.  The bands for that room will be announced later on in the year.  


HEADSTICKS from Stoke on Trent have confirmed a booking at the Westgarth  for November 2020.   They made a big impression with two sets at Rebellion Music Festival in August and we saw them again recently supporting New Model Army at the Boilershop in Newcastle.  If you like The Levellers and The Men They Couldn't Hang you might like them.   Manchester's Dead Objectives who made such a big impression at last year's Riverside Rebellion also return having received three bookings with other north east promoters since they played for us.   Harlow/Ashington duo Cherry & Peesh have also confirmed an appearance.