Welcome to the website of Big Figure Promotions which is a music promotion based in Marske by the Sea near Saltburn in North Yorkshire.  Stephen Harland is the music obsessive behind it which commenced in September 2012 when he hosted Gemma Ray at Stockton's Georgian Theatre.   Stephen was a regular at Middlesbrough Rock Garden between 1979 - 1981 and Stockton's Dovecot Arts Centre 1985 - 1990  two defunct but much missed music venues on Teesside that helped shape his music taste.  He also subscribed to Jon Storey's Bucketfull of Brains fanzine in the eighties and nineties.

Stephen has worked with various promoters including Dave Griffiths & Gary McGhie, Barry Simpson, Timothy Oxnard, Martin Mathers and currently his partner, Wendy Archer, who had retired from her teaching job near Barnsley in South Yorkshire a couple of years ago and relocated  from Pontefract to Marske.   

Stephen has promoted 88 gigs since Sept 2010 when he commenced promoting live music with Dave Griffiths and Gary McGhie under the guise of Rock Garden Revisited.  Originally promoting at Stockton's Georgian Theatre & The Green Room the relationship with Tees Music Alliance deteriorated as the so-called non profit company were charging him money for lack of bar sales every time he promoted a gig, including sell-out performances at the venue.  A request to see the bar receipts was continually refused so the decision was made by Stephen and Martin Mathers, whom he was co-promoting with at that time, to relocate to Middlesbrough's Westgarth Social Club where they have remained ever since.

Highlights this year have included sold out performances with The BellRays and The Godfathers and other gigs featuring John Sterry from Billionaire, Interrobang?, TV Smith of The Adverts /Mark Ayling.  Future gigs this year include Barrence Whtfield & The Savages; The Nightingales/The Bitter Springs; former Cramps Fur DIxon's WTFKUSHIMA; The Primevals/Turning Black Like Lizards; Riverside Rebellion with The Drones/Uproar;  Roughneck Riot and Terry & Gerry.