Long Live The Music !


WELCOME  to the website of Big Figure Promotions whom are based in Marske by the Sea on the north east/yorkshire coast.  Big Figure was initially started up by Steve Harland a music enthusiast/obsessive in Sept 2012 - named after the drummer in Dr Feelgood, the band from Canvey Island who helped pave the way for punk rock in the UK back in 1976.   

Steve was a regular at Middlesbrough Rock Garden between 1979-1981 and the Dovecot Arts Centre in Stockton on Tees 1985-1990.  He cites both these venues for helping shape his taste in music.  He also used to subscribe to Bucketfull of Brains fanzine in the eighties & nineties.  

 He has worked with various local promoters and also on his own since September 2010.  Initially promoting live music at the Georgian Theatre in Stockton before transferring across the river tees to the Westgarth Social Club in Middlesbrough, ran by Stephen Callaghan, based across the road from the University of Teesside.  In total Steve has promoted over 84 gigs in the Teesside area.

Highlights last year included sold out shows with the Barb Wire Dolls & The Godfathers and impressive performances from the likes of 999, Eton Crop/Inca Babies, The Cravats, Miraculous Mule/Hellbound Hearts, The Nightingales/Blue Orchids, Terry & Gerry/Serious Sam Barrett, Twin Guns, The Vibrators and X Ray Cat Trio. 

Down By The Jetty formed in Dec 2016 continuing the Dr Feelgood theme and also marked a new partnership with Steve's partner Wendy Archer, who had retired from her teaching job in South Yorkshire.   Down By The Jetty is an offshoot of Big Figure Promotions as former co-promoter Martin Mathers wanted to move on and do his own gigs, milk and alcohol - you bet !

We have already confirmed nine gigs this year with the following bands: Billionaire; The Godfathers; The BellRays; Interrobang?; TV Smith; Barrence Whitfield & The Savages; The Nightingales/The Bitter Springs; The Primevals and Terry & Gerry.  Unlike other promoters and venues we are totally independent and not funded by arts council grants.  

Thanks for visiting the website and supporting the shows.   Steve works full time and appreciates those who do make the effort to support the bands he brings to the area and help put Westgarth SC on the map as a great music venue.   

Photos on the website are taken by Mel Butler, Andy Lochrie, Dave Shaw, Malcolm Such & Steve White