If you don't live it, you don't have it !

Welcome to the website of Big Figure Promotions - named after the drummer in Dr Feelgood, John 'The Big Figure' Martin - which is a music promotion based in Marske by the Sea near Saltburn in North Yorkshire.  Steve Harland is the music obsessive behind it which commenced in September 2012 when he hosted Gemma Ray at Stockton's Georgian Theatre.   Steve was a regular at Middlesbrough Rock Garden between 1979 - 1981 and Stockton's Dovecot Arts Centre 1985 - 1990,  two now sadly defunct but much missed music venues on Teesside that helped shape his and many other folks' music taste.  He also subscribed to Jon Storey/Nick West's Bucketfull of Brains fanzine in the eighties and nineties.

Steve has worked with various local promoters since September 2010 and also on his own.  In total he has promoted 104 concerts which started when he commenced promoting live music with others under the guise of Rock Garden Revisited named after a well known local music venue.  This lasted for three years before several co-promotions; initially a couple of one-offs with Leigh Sayers & Tim Oxnard, then half a dozen shows with Barry Simpson, a couple of solo promotions, then with  Martin Mathers for another three years and some 40 concerts. He now promotes with his wife Wendy Archer Harland.  

Starting out at Stockton's Georgian Theatre & The Green Room but following a disagreement with Tees Music Alliance who run both venues over financial irregularities concerning two gigs in particular - Goldblade & a sold out Sleaford Mods show.  In May 2014 the decision was made to  relocate permanently to Middlesbrough's Westgarth Social Club, situated directly opposite the University of Teesside.  The then outstanding six gigs for that year were transferred across the river tees.  There have been one or two gigs at other venues when the Westgarth hasn't been available but its ran professionally by Stephen Callaghan and houses two rooms for live music but there's no-one stealing money from us anymore. 

Lots of folk didn't think we would last five minutes once we left the Georgian but we have gone on to prosper away from them.  May 2019 saw us celebrate our 100th concert with The Membranes since we commenced promoting live music in September 2010.   Highlights this year include The Godfathers, Eight Rounds Rapid, The Membranes and The Delta Bombers from Las Vegas playing to a near capacity upstairs room on a Sunday evening in July. We don't claim to be the biggest or the best but we do our utmost to keep music live in Middlesbrough.  Many bands like the Blue Orchids, The Cravats, The Godfathers, The Nightingales, The Primevals, Punishment of Luxury  and TV Smith come back to us for repeat bookings because they know they will be looked after on and off the stage and in the words of broadcaster, journalist  & musician John Robb:  "That's the best buffet in the UK by a long way".   

Thanks for continuing to support our endeavours, it is greatly appreciated by us.