Long Live The Music!

Welcome to Big Figure Promotions website which is primarily based in Marske by the Sea, North Yorkshire.   Big Figure is ran by a music obsessive – Stephen Harland, named after the drummer in Dr.Feelgood.  He used to frequent two music venues on Teesside - Middlesbrough Rock Garden and the Dovecot Arts Centre in Stockton on Tees back in the late seventies and early to mid-eighties.   

In total Stephen has promoted 97 concerts, worked with various local promoters and occasionally on his own in almost nine years - which is not bad for someone who originally only wanted to put Punishment of Luxury on!

He originally commenced promoting live music as Rock Garden Revisited in September 2010 when a very successful reunion evening (requested by Gill Hawes & Fiona Robb who were Rock Garden regulars) was staged at Stockton's Georgian Theatre.  Rock Garden Revisited – named after a well-known local music venue in Middlesbrough and not to be confused with anyone else using a similar name, originally operated between Sept 2010– Dec 2013.  It would prove to be a bittersweet liaison.   

After 20 events Stephen started promoting his own gigs from Sept 2012 onwards when he hosted Gemma Ray in Stockton on Tees.  Since then he has worked with various local promoters including Martin Mathers, Leigh Sayers, Tim Oxnard & Barry Simpson.  Martin commenced promoting in April 2014 with Gallon Drunk and together they promoted 40 gigs over a three year period between 2014-2017..

In December 2017 Martin had decided to take a break from promoting live music but he wasn't dormant for very long.  Stephen now works with his partner Wendy Archer and to mark the change they became Down By The Jetty Promotions maintaining the Dr Feelgood connection.  He explains:  "Down by the Jetty" is a subsidiary of  Big Figure.  I was brought up on indie labels so with Martin leaving I thought it would be time to freshen things up under a new identity." 

Bands that have featured include 999, Barb Wire Dolls, The BellRays, The Bermondsey Joyriders, Blue Orchids, Chelsea, Gary Clail, The Cravats, Church of Elvis, The DeRellas, Eton Crop, The Fallen Leaves, Gallon Drunk, The Godfathers, Goldblade, Harry Stafford, Inca Babies, June Brides, The Membranes, Newtown Neurotics, The Nightingales, Pete Molinari, Punishment of Luxury, The Primevals, The Rezillos,  Roughneck Riot, Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life, Tav Falco’s Panther Burns, Terry Edwards, Terry & Gerry, TV Smith (Solo), TV Smith & The Bored Teenagers, The Vibrators,  The Wolfhounds & X Ray Cat Trio.

Big Figure and its associated promotions now use Westgarth SC in Middlesbrough which has two rooms; one holding 100 and the other 220.  Previous gigs took place in various venues in Stockton on Tees and Middlesbrough.

This website and related sales are administered by Stephen's partner - Wendy