Jay Vee & The Cardinal Sins supported by Thee Windom Earles and Tim Loud

Friday 26th April 2019 doors open 7.30pm at Westgarth Social Club 

Tickets £9 Adv  £12 OTD 

Formed in 2012, Jay Vee & The Cardinal Sins are - well, another bunch of white boys with guitars.  Why should you give a shit, you ask?  Because smart rock'n'rollers are a dying breed these days!  Frontman and songwriter (and, for the record, lapsed jazz pianist) Jay spent his formative years drifting through London's scuzzy punk, garage and rockabilly scenes (he currently wrangles guitar for grease-fiends The Spacewasters, and spent five years tearing up the UK and Europe with psychobilly party-starters Death Valley Surfers), absorbing along the way a cocktail of influences that'd make most polite types vomit in their mouths a little bit.  The psychic residue of this foul brew - made flesh in the form of a power trio - resembles a lunatic's attempt to stitch the ragged truth of the modern world into the booze-sodden DNA of garage punk.  Screaming, jerking, sweating profusely and dressed head to toe in black, the Cardinal Sins have thrilled and confused in equal measure from London to Southend (also Belgium, once), and now have their sights set firmly on - er, everywhere else. 

In a nutshell: The Chris Isaaks of punk. 

Bands we’ve played with include: Cockney Rejects // The Vibrators // The Meteors // Tall Boys // The Peacocks // Knock Off // The Zipheads // Snakerattlers // Blue Carpet Band // Terrorsaurs // Witchdoktors // Saint Agnes // Hyperjax // The Cavemen // Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons // The Vagoos // X Ray Cat Trio // Atomic Suplex // The Sly Persuaders