Live Music Attendances (A brief sypnosis)

As Rock Garden Revisited with Dave Griffiths & Gary McGhie

All gigs between Sept 2010 and Dec 2013 took place at the Georgian Theatre in Stockton on Tees unless stated

Sept 2010

Rock Garden Revisited Reunion 180 (sold out)

Got a good write-up in the local paper.The gig was sold out a month in advance

Dec 2010

Punishment of Luxury 165

Heavy snow fell and Neville Luxury the guitarist was driving up from Great Yarmouth - thankfully he made it.  It was a  great night and made it all worthwhile.

February 2011

Spear of Destiny 183 (sold out)

March 2011

Vic Godard & The Subway Sect 86

Some footage on You Tube

May 2011  

Inca Babies 43

Both Dave & Gary were reluctant to put them on so I said I would do it on my own but they came round to my way of thinking. Bugsy of the Amazing Space Frogs said how can you put them on and call it Rock Garden Revisited?  

July 2011

999 187 (sold out)

It was my 50th birthday that night

Sept 2011

John Otway 112

The Wolfmen 56

We lost over £1,000 on this gig. the band only played a 45 min set.  Ever get the feeling you've been ripped off?  it was that night.

The Rezillos 185

One of the great comeback gigs from a band who hadn't played on Teesside since 1978.

The Cravats 32

(The bass player couldn’t make it as his wife was rushed to hospital.  Paul Burns from Tees Music Alliance messaged us to cancel the gig but we proceeded as the band got their website editor to learn their set in soundcheck!)

TV Smith of The Adverts 83

(The Legion, Middlesbrough)

Paul Burns from Tees Music Alliance refused us permission to put him on at the Georgian because of the Riverside Festival.  A week before the gig took place Tim was subject to a documentary on BBC4 we received an e-mail from Paul Burns saying that was a fortuitous bit of publicity for us – we had already agreed to move it to The Legion on Park Road North in Middlesbrough.  Originally it was for a Saturday evening but Tim found he had been double booked for a date in Hull so we switched to the Sunday. 

Spear of Destiny 184 (sold out)

Kirk Brandon was so ill he was laid flat out when we arrived and it was touch & go whether he would be able to perform.   He did but quite understandably had to cut his set short. 

Penetration 180 (sold out)

We managed to get half a page in the local paper.  Dave’s response was “So what, you wrote it”, which I thought was rather harsh to be honest.  The sound was awful it was way too loud but the band had insisted on having their own soundman.  People tried to tell him but the response back wasn’t polite!

Vic Godard & Subway Sect 49

After the sarcastic response from  Dave over the Penetration gig I let him do all the publicity for this one.  

Ruts DC 190 (sold out)

Gary quit after this gig leaving just myself and Dave but it was a great night and he departed on good terms with some money he had invested up front.

Dave Shaw & Paul Standing recorded this gig live: 

Spear of Destiny 187

Another sold out Spear of Destiny gig 

Sylvain Sylvain 40

Dave Shaw & Paul Standing recorded this gig live again we got half a page in the local paper but nobody took much notice.  His manager was a real pain in the arse who complained about everything.   I think we let our hearts rule our heads as it was a gig that was offered to us from Tees Music Alliance.

Scant Regard 14 (The Green Room, Stockton)

Our least attended gig which featured Will Crewdson from Adam Ant’s band.  I liked him. 

999 186 (sold out)

The second time we had hosted them and once again it was sold out.

Theatre of Hate 185 (sold out)

One of my favourite gigs.  The band were great and so to were the audience. 

The end of Rock Garden Revisited


The House of Love 168

(A collaboration between myself & Dave Griffiths as Big Figure Promotions & Minus Me)

We got this gig after the UK Tour Dates had been announced so we missed out on all the initial publicity.  It was great to see them back on stage together.

Big Figure Promotions with Barry Simpson commenced in Sept 2012

Gemma Ray 63

Gemma did an instore appearance at Sound It Out Records in Stockton.  None of the folk who turned up to watch were at the gig on the evening

Gallon Drunk 69

Some odd clips on You Tube


The late Colin Vearncombe 105

Sadly died in a car crash earlier in the year but the booking was met by some resistance from Paul Burns of Tees Music Alliance whom had hosted him before in front of just 12 people.   We were confident with the right support we could get enough in to make it viable – and we did.

The Members 79

This gig was recorded live by Dave Shaw & Paul Standing but has since been taken down for copyright reasons which were invoked three years after the band gave permission for it to be posted online.  I was very disappointed with the turn out but Nicky Tesco wasn’t with them due to illness as he no longer can tour anymore.

Andy Whitaker/Andy Clegg31

(The Green Room, Stockton)

Punishment of Luxury/Inca Babies 112

Punilux returned for the second time.  This time it was boiling hot on the day.  Vocalist Brian Bond had some technical issues with his keyboard.

This gig was recorded live by Dave Shaw & Paul Standing

Andy Cairns of Therapy (solo) The Green Room, Stockton (Refused to play)

This gig marked the departure of Barry as Andy Cairns turned-up but decided he didn’t want to do the gig 90 mins before the doors were due to open.  I got the £150 deposit back from the agent.  We still got charged £100 by Tees Music Alliance event though no gig ever took place.  Barry refused to contribute so I had to pay the money myself.

Eddie & Hot Rods (cancelled)

A month after we confirmed their appearance their agent booked them into Willowman Festival at Thirsk 11 days before our gig was due to take place.  We had only sold 30 tickets and the band’s drummer who organises their gigs said they wouldn’t come up to play on such low sales.  It took us nearly a year to get back the £300 deposit we had paid upfront.

The Primevals 42 (The Sun Inn, Stockton)

Promoted this gig with Tim Oxnard


Louise Distras 44 (Westgarth SC, Middlesbrough)

Promoted this gig with Leigh Sayers of Building Bridges

Chelsea 107

This gig was recorded live bar one song due to a technical hitch

Gallon Drunk 85 (Westgarth SC, Middlesbrough)

Martin Mathers joined me as co-promoter and Gallon Drunk were promoting the ‘Soul of the Hour’ mini album.  It remains one of my favourite gigs and there is some footage on You Tube of the opening track. 

The Rezillos/Duncan Reid & The Big Heads 185 (sold out)

The Rezillos arrived two hours late for this one. Dave Shaw & Paul Standing recorded this gig live but the band refused permission for it to be broadcast.

TV Smith of The Adverts 72 (Westgarth SC, Middlesbrough)

Promoted this gig with Leigh Sayers of Building Bridges

Pete Molinari 65

Probably our biggest disappointment in terms of ticket sales

Pete Fij/Terry Bickers 25

Pete had been in Adorable and Terry was and still is in The House of Love.

(The Green Room, Stockton)

Peel Regenerated 68

The Nightingales pulled out five days before due to their guitarist slicing his finger off loading the van to go to a gig in London.  The Blue Orchids became the headliners with The Wolfhounds, Inca Babies, Terry & Gerry, A Witness and many more on the bill.

Ruts DC 114

Again, a disappointing crowd after being a sell out last time round 

Dave Shaw & Paul Standing recorded this gig live: 

Riverside Rebellion 1 – 131

999, Menace & The Bermondsey Joyriders were joint headliners

Dave Shaw & Paul Standing recorded this gig live


Goldblade 90

The original support band Zeitgeist 77 pulled out the day before the gig claiming the singer wasn’t well enough to perform however they then played their own gig in Billingham 24 hours later. Leading up to the gig taking place there was nothing on their website or Facebook page about the gig taking place which we found unusual.  Their bass player Darren Thomas had specifically requested if we got Goldblade could they support them.  They let us down really badly on the night by pulling out of the gig with less than 24 hours to go.  Now is not the time for snide remarks.   

Tees Music Alliance said they didn’t make enough money at the bar and took £300 from our advance ticket sales wiping out what we thought was £132 profit.

Sleaford Mods 212 (sold out)

A calamitous night for us as Tees Music Alliance said they didn’t make enough money at the bar and took £100 from our advance ticket sales.  The comedy bouncers arrived 30 mins late and the Sleaford Mods guest list was a joke. 

The end of our run at the Georgian Theatre

Westgarth SC in Middlesbrough becomes our permanent home


Terry & Gerry 69

Skiffle band from Birmingham

Chelsea/The Bermondsey Joyriders 112

Chelsea set off from Brighton at 9am and arrived at 7.30pm and didn’t bother to soundcheck.

Steve Ignorant’s Slice of Life 68

Former CRASS vocalist in his new guise

The Nightingales/Ted Chippington 44

The gig was recorded live by Dave Shaw & Paul Standing

Newtown Neurotics 63

We noticed they were playing gigs in Leeds and Derby so we got in touch and asked if they would like to play in Middlesbrough too – and were shocked when they said yes. 

Tav Falco’s Panther Burns 37

The gig was on a Monday evening and recorded live by Dave Shaw & Paul Standing

Jaded Eyes 68

Leeds-based band with two members originally from Middlesbrough

Gary Clail 34

Gary drove all the way up from Torquay

Department S (cancelled)

Fever Dream 28

A Monday evening it was so loud the staff at the Gazette newspaper could hear it even though they are based 150 metres away

The Ethical Debating Society/Riot Girl Riot 50

One of Martin’s gigs I must be honest I quite enjoyed it and so too did the audience who were building human pyramids at the front of the stage. There was a great cover of X-Ray Spex ‘Oh Bondage, Up Yours’.

The Vibrators 138

Thanks to Howard Wall for this one who gave me the contact details for Eddie.  It was a decent enough turnout for us.

The Primevals/The Carbon Manual 12

(Support band pulled out the day of the gig)

Peel Regenerated 2 – 55

Church of Elvis, Disciples of Tone, Eton Crop, Harry Stafford (solo), June Brides, Terry Edwards (solo)

TV Smith & The Bored Teenagers 75

(Libertys, Middlesbrough - The Westgarth was unavailable to us at the time we booked the gig)

This was a total nightmare for us as we couldn’t use our normal venue.  The staff who run the place were incredibly unhelpful and one of the support bands claimed their singer had a bereavement in the family and couldn’t play but he made a miraculous recovery to support a solo act at the Westgarth the very next night.

Blue Orchids (Cancelled)

Roughneck Riot 60

Accepted the gig at the last minute and we had a great night.  

Dave Shaw & Paul Standing recorded the gig live

Riverside Rebellion 2 65

No TV Smith because he played a month earlier – The Bermondsey Joyriders became the headliners.  

The Rezillos 205

(Best crowd we have had for one of our gigs at the Westgarth)


The DeRellas 22

Accepted the booking because they were on a Scottish tour and wanted to play a gig on the way back home

The BellRays 111

Best gig we have ever done the atmosphere was electric and all three bands played a part in front of a sell out crowd/  There's a live CD doing the rounds too - contact Craig Fryatt on Facebook

The Membranes (cancelled – rescheduled for November))

Chelsea 44

A Sunday evening with James Stevenson in the line-up, disappointing turn out though.  England were playing and it was raining all evening.

The Urban Voodoo Machine 130

Martin decided not to be involved with his gig so I promoted it myself - we broke even on the costs

Tav Falco’s Panther Burns 32

We took the gig at less than a month’s notice but were disappointed to get five less than last year. 

Punishment of Luxury/The Cravats/Pete Fender/Anthrax UK/Murder The Disturbed/The Proles (Small Wonder Records all-dayer) 151  

MDC (Cancelled)

Wonk Unit 39

Teesside Punk Festival 52 

WE SHALL OVERCOME EVENT featuring TV Smith 50 

Lene Lovich (Cancelled - due to poor advance ticket sales) 

Peel Regenerated 43

Terry & Gerry 70 

The Membranes 70

Riverside Rebellion 3 101

The Rezillos 165

Martin's final gig promoting live music - thanks for all his help since April 2014.  We've actually promoted 40 gigs together - Bon Voyage Monsieur Mathers !

2017 Gigs

The Godfathers 126 (Sold Out)

X Ray Cat Trio  76

The Nightingales/Blue Orchids 80

Barb Wire Dolls 91

Miraculous Mule/Hellbound Hearts  70

999 - 142