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Interrobang?/Flies on you/Year of Birds/Lost On Me/Cherry & Peesh Adv Tkts £10 OTD £12

Saturday, 7th April – Doors 18.00pm

TV Smith/Mark Ayling/Charlie Thomas Adv Tkts £8 OTD £10

Thursday, 19th April – Doors 19.00pm


Barrence Whitfield & The Savages/Snakerattlers/The Milk Lizards/Oilbirds Adv Tkts £12.50 OTD £15

Friday, 11th May@19.00pm

The Nightingales/The Bitter Springs/SHRUG/Pellethead/Year of Birds/Swine Tax/Oldfield Youth Club Adv Tkts £11 OTD £15

Bank Holiday Sunday, 27th May - Doors 16.00pm…/westga…/the-nightingales/1073870829


Riverside Rebellion 4: The Drones/Uproar/The Filth/Dead Objectives/No Way/Kickback Generation/Weld AdV Tkts £10 OTD £15

Saturday, 25th August@16.00pm


Peel Regenerated: The Primevals/Mwstard/Nine Tons/Pellethead/The Infinite Three/Turning Black Like Lizards/Voodoo Rays/Year of Birds - More TBC Adv Tkts £10 OTD £15

Saturday, 20th October - Doors 15.00pm


Terry & Gerry/Howlin Ric & The Rocketeers/Charlie Thomas Adv Tkts £10 Adv Tkts £12 OTD

Saturday, 17th November – Doors 19.00pm

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All gigs taking place at our regular venue:

Westgarth Social Club

99A Southfield Road

Middlesbrough TS1 3EZ

01642 242164