In January after many years of trying to organise a show we finally hosted The Men They Couldn't Hang at the Westgarth.   It was a well attended event which also featured Tim Loud.   The band requested an immediate return back to the venue so watch this space for further developments early in 2023.

In February we hosted one of my favourite bands The Chameleons at the Westgarth.  This was something of a coup for us as we had been trying for the past eight years.   Mark Burgess played a huge role in us getting a show and I am eternally grateful for his intervention.  it was  sold out in advance and also featured The Membranes as the tour support and local band Atari Doll who have now sadly split up.   The show was a great success and we received positive feedback from the tour manager.

In March we were delighted to welcome the former rhythm section of The Fall in their latest guise as Imperial Wax.   With the addition of Sam Curran from Black Pudding the band made an explosive debut at the Westgarth on what was it has to be said was a disappointing turnout, though there were a lot of other gigs going on locally elsewhere.   Those that did turn up appreciated what they had witnessed.  Imperial Wax will be back in the near future.  Cazimi replaced Pellethead and Klammer also played too.